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GPS Software

For using the navigation functions of your GPS mobile receiver you need routes, waypoints or points of interest. The routes cannot be defined in general but have to be planned individually because all users have different hobbies and thus individual claims concerning the course of the routes.

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Present route planning

A route planer for car navigation which calculates the possible route with help of a destination address wont’t satisfy a cyclist or hiker as the user mostly has to go alongside the street. Cyclists and hikers prefer side streets, country lanes or pure walking paths for getting to their destination. Up to now appropriate detailed topographic maps were used serving for planning a tour and for your orientation during the whole tour in order to keep exactly to the planned course.

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Future route planning

If you want to use a GPS mobile receiver the planning is done on your PC. Basis are also the above-mentioned maps which can be scanned or bought as CDs. You plan the desired route at your PC by clicking with your mouse at each crossroad where the direction has to be changed for your route. This route will be portrayed graphically in your map and will then be copied to your GPS mobile receiver. The receiver navigates you along the planned route to your destination. You need no further operating of your device. Using a map during the tour is no longer necessary.

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For supporting the route planning at your PC we have developed an appropriate software:

The software “GROUPI for GPS” produces individual routes and waypoints on the scanned map.

Customers who only want to use the available GPS-files take the software „GPS file converter“ which works without maps and converts the contents of different GPS file formats in generally usable formats by means of a graphic surface (as well for google earth).

The freeware „EasyGPS“ by the company „TopoGrafix“ serves as communication between PC and GPS receiver on basis of the file format GPS exchange (*.gpx). Routes, tracks and waypoints produced with this software can be converted to all common GPS mobile receivers and be downloaded as well.

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